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The PatchConfig.xml file is incredibly important to our process of reverse engineering as it allows us to reconfigure the client to connect to our proxy so we can analyze the traffic through and through.

File Location in typical install: C:\ProgramData\KingsIsle Entertainment\Wizard101\PatchClient\BankA\PatchConfig.xml

It can also be found in BankB under that same path.

The following are the contents of the file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
  <GameDataDirectory path="./" /> 
  <PatchServerHostname host="" /> 
  <PatchServerPort port="12500" /> 
  <LoginHostname host="" /> 
  <LoginPort port="12000" /> 
  <GameClientExecutable file="WizardGraphicalClient.exe" /> 
  <CommandLine args="-L 12000" /> 
  <HomeURL path="" /> 
  <NewsURL path="" /> 
  <RegistrationURL path="" /> 
  <MyAccountURL path="" />
  <PatchErrorURL path="" /> 
  <FallBackURL path="" />
  <SilentMetricsURL path=""/>
  <GameOptions path="" /> 
  <AppStartRegistryKey key="Wizard101" /> 
  <GameSpecificRegistry registry="Software\KingsIsle\Wizard101" />
  <PatchClientIDRegKey key="UUID"/>
  <PatchClientIDRegistry registry="Software\KingsIsle"/>
  <ServerListURL path="" />
  <FailSafeURL path="" />
  <EulaURL path="" />

From this we can determine both the hostname and listening port for the primary patch server and login server. We also make ote of the CommandLine field that we can edit to more directly change how the actual WizardGraphicalClient.exe is launched.

This was originally taken note of by Alec, but was recently brought up by community member Daniel7689 and thanks to him, we have this wiki.

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